Jim Davidson OBE donates profits from stand-up gig ‘he should have been cancelled from’ to lifeboat charity

Jim Davidson OBE has donated the profits from his sold-out show in Evesham to a lifeboat charity – after laughing on stage with the audience about attempts from a council clerk to get him ‘cancelled’ from performing.

Collections have taken place before and after all of the comedian’s shows on his Unlocked tour towards the independent Caister Lifeboat charity, which is currently building a new £2.5m all-weather boat to save lives at sea.

More than £5,000 has already been raised towards the cause from these collections alone, and he has boosted that figure further after donating all ticket profits from his appearance in Evesham on Saturday, March 12.

During two back-to-back performances on the same evening at Evesham Town Hall the star laughed at the row that erupted after a council clerk requested councillors officially discuss his ‘suitability’ to perform in the market town.

He said afterwards: “You have these unelected officials, like the council clerk in Evesham, who attempt to get you cancelled because they don’t like you.

“It’s simple isn’t it really; if you don’t like me then don’t buy a ticket. But don’t tell people what they can and can’t watch. 

“I sold out so obviously people still want to see me. We had a bloody good laugh and raised a lot of money for the lads and ladies at Caister Lifeboat, who do fantastic work saving lives at sea. That’s not mentioning the fact those ticket sales go towards the Town Hall itself, so you’d think whoever this clerk is that they’ll be happy with that, whether they like me or not.

“And there’s no hard feelings. Everyone’s allowed an opinion. And I’ll get them a complimentary ticket to see me before I sell out next time I’m here.”

Jim will be boosting the Caister Lifeboat campaign even further by producing a ‘Red, White & Blue Nose Day’ special programme, complete with celebrity guests, to be shown on YouTube and his Ustreme channel – ustreme.com – on Friday, March 18, with the aim of raising £50,000 for the cause as well as Veterans in Action and Care After Combat.

People can support by texting ‘Donate’ to 66777 or visiting https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ustremeveteransfund

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