Ustreme favourite Francine Lewis accuses husband of being unfaithful after finding ‘crude’ messages

Ustreme favourite Francine Lewis has vowed she will never forgive her husband after she accused him of cheating on her during a live TV interview.

Francine has been left devastated after reading ‘crude’ and ‘disgusting’ messages her husband of 17 years, Joel Ryan, had sent to his best friend’s girlfriend.

Francine, who recently sat down for a soul-baring interview with Alex Belfield which was filmed exclusively for Ustreme, told of the heartbreaking discovery of messages during an interview on GB News.

The 47-year-old’s spokesperson said she is ‘going through hell’ and would never have risked breaking up her family if she wasn’t ‘100% sure’ of his unfaithfulness.

They said: ‘She will not forgive Joel. Despite his denial, she still believes he has been unfaithful after seeing the messages.’

Referring to the alleged texts between Joel and the woman, the spokesperson continued: “The messages were very crude and she describes them as disgusting between Joel and the other woman and the messages were details of when they should meet as well as where as well as other crude things.

“She had seen messages that he had deleted so he had sent them and then deleted them for some reason.”

They insisted that Francine had no plans to reveal the affair live on TV, explaining: “Her intention on GB News was to talk about scamming, there was no plan to discuss anything that she had found out last night.

“It was her truth in the spur of the moment and she was being honest, vulnerable and very, very brave. Personally, it was very touching to watch.”

Francine, a long-time friend of Ustreme founder Jim Davidson who appeared regularly on the Generation Game while he was host, has already unfollowed her husband on Instagram. 

Joel, 43, has denied allegations of an affair.

He told GB News: “I sent some messages to a friend’s partner and I hugely regret sending them, but I did not cheat or have an affair. I love Francine very much and I am ashamed of what I did and deeply sorry for the hurt I have caused. I just want to focus on my marriage.”

The impressionist, who shot to fame on BGT in 2013, was on the lunchtime programme to discuss fraud and how she lost her £90k Britain’s Got Talent fortune to scam artists.

At the end of the GB News segment Francine suddenly dropped the affair bombshell, telling hosts Patrick Christys and Inaya Folarin Iman that she had found out her husband of 17 years, Joel had been ‘cheating on me with his best friend’s girlfriend’.

“There’s so many scams going on all the time, but you know what’s ironic? I stuck with my husband through this whole thing and last night I found out he was cheating on me with his best friend’s girlfriend”, she said.

A shocked Patrick could only exclaim ‘gosh’ before Francine explained how she wished she had left her husband after he introduced her to the scam artists who swindled her out of her BGT fortune in 2018. 

Francine and Joel, who is the director of a construction company, married in 2005. They share two children, Brooke and Jake. 

Earlier this month Francine revealed how she lost her £90,000 earnings after she and Joel invested the money with a fake stock broker company. 

Talented impressionist Francine recently sat down with celebrity interviewer, Alex Belfield for a tell-all chat, filmed exclusively for Ustreme. The star talked about a long-lasting feud with her father, cattiness from Katie Price and the ugly side of fame being sidelined because of her natural beauty during the chat. 

The full interview can be seen at

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