“40,000 illegal immigrants…It DOES feel like an invasion”

It feels like the country IS being invaded by illegal immigrants, says Jim Davidson, after it emerged tens of thousands of people had crossed the Channel this year alone – as he put forward some suggestions of his own to solve the issue.

The comedian said it was not possible for the country to continue taking in so many illegal immigrants, especially those who aren’t seeking refuge from persecution or war.

He has spoken out after Home Secretary Suella Braverman described mass illegal migrant crossings as an “invasion”, saying illegal immigration was now “out of control”.

Around 40,000 illegal immigrants have arrived on boats this year alone, including 10,000 Albanian men.

But the Home Secretary has been heavily slated by the opposition and critics for her use of language to describe the crisis.

Jim said it was easy to criticise in opposition, without coming up with solutions for an unsustainable situation.

He said: “Why are they coming here? What are they doing? What can we do about it?…Apparently absolutely nothing…

“I tell you what we can do, we can moan about Suella Braverman. 

“It seems all you do in the opposition is pick holes, pick holes, pick holes. Very easy when you’re in opposition isn’t it.

“What do they want to do? They want to bring them all in.

“I heard some woman gobbing off on the wireless that it’s someone’s fault that there’s 4,000 people in the migrant centre down in Manston.

“It’s now this place where they’re putting illegal immigrants. But they’re not seeking asylum are they, Albanians? They’re lovely people, but there’s no war in Albania.

“There’s 4,000 of them there and this woman is complaining that they’ve got diptheria, scabies, and some of them have to sleep on the floor on cardboard.

“Well don’t come then. Go away. Go somewhere else.”

The comedian – who has long campaigned for more to be done to help homeless veterans on the UK’s streets – has some ideas of his own to deter people from crossing the Channel illegally.

“Want to know what we do? We don’t let them in. 

“How do we do that?

“We put Gunboats down there and we turn them round and we take them back to France.

“What else can we do?

“You let them in legally.

“We’ve got no-one picking up the sugar beets, we’ve got no-one picking up apples, cabbages are going rotten in the field etc etc, there’s nobody working in hospitality  – certainly in none of the hotels I stay at where an egg’s like an ice hockey puck.

“So James Cleverley, get your people in our Embassies around the world to start doing some work. All the Albanians who want to come here, go to the British Embassy and apply for a visa to come here and work.

“And you can only come here and work if someone is going to sponsor you. You’ve got to get the job beforehand and that person must be responsible for you. So that’s the Albanians sorted. The Syrians, the same. 

“If they want to come here they can walk into one of these jobs, the thousands and thousands of jobs that we have here. And the ones who are here illegally and don’t want to work, throw them out or put them in prison.”

Watch the full version of Jim’s This Week, where he discusses the migrant crisis, below:

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