Exciting times ahead…A message from Jim Davidson

“Thank you all for sticking with us for our start-up years. We are now on the brink of something wonderful…Ustreme appearing on your smart TV!

We might have to behave ourselves! Nahhh, scrap that, we will keeping special things and “home movies” on the normal Ustreme platform. Some things are best kept “under the counter”!

We have a great responsibility to you members and we look forward to continue making you laugh like you used to. 

We have eight episodes of PROPER COMEDIANS for you, and another 12 being filmed in February…should they all still be breathing!

Brilliant American comedian Scot Capurro joins us to host a new series of Face to face with a host of celebrity guests, and our fabulous Miles Crawford will be returning for another series of Left, Right and Centre.

Oh what fun we’ll have.

Thank you for your ongoing support and also contributing to the Ustreme Veterans Fund, it really makes a huge difference to so many of our heroes.

Hope your all had a wonderful Christmas, and all the best for a wonderful 2023. Eat, drink and be merry.

Thank you all, from Robert, me and the Ustreme team.”


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