Gary Glitter: Setting the record straight

Ustreme founder Jim Davidson has set the record straight after false claims circulated again on social media that he once visited Gary Glitter in prison.

The star had visited veterans in HMP Verne, a prison for sex offenders, back in 2021 as part of his role with Care After Combat – a charity he set up to support veterans who find themselves in the criminal justice system after military service.

Gary Glitter – real name Paul Gadd – was housed in the prison at the time and attempted to gate-crash Jim’s meeting with the veterans, but was refused entry by the comedian.

During the brief encounter, Glitter told Jim that he was remorseful and ready to start a new life.

The story was correctly reported at the time by the Dorset Echo but picked up by other publications and distorted to falsely imply Jim had made a special visit to see the disgraced performer and personally believed him to be rehabilitated.

Since Glitter’s early release and subsequent return to prison after being filmed asking how to access the dark web without being caught, social media blew up with libellous claims about the encounter.

Jim said: “What the f**k has Gary Glitter got to do with me?

“It said in the papers one day that I went to visit Gary Glitter in prison. Well, I DID NOT.

“It’s very simple; I was doing a meeting in a prison with 25 veterans. There was a knock at the door, and who tries to gate-crash, but Paul Gadd – Gary Glitter.

“I said to him, ‘You can’t come in here Gary. This is for veterans and you are not a veteran.

“It’s as simple as that. I would not let him in and I certainly did not go down and visit him.

“He is not my pal. He was inside doing his time and I was inside visiting the veterans.”

He said Glitter told him at the time that he was ready to start a new life.

“People make up this bullsh*t and say things like, ‘Jim thinks he’s sorrowful and is going to start a new life’.

“No! That’s just what HE said and the impression he was giving. That’s the impression they all give.

“And then they come out and they do bad things, and now he’s back inside. If you do bad things you go to prison.

“I wouldn’t want to be on the parole board for £1m, would you?

“I’ve never supported Gary Glitter, I’ve never visited Gary Glitter and if he’s back inside for breaking his bail rules then so be it.”

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