Jim Davidson For Prime Minister!

Following Liz Truss’ announcement she is resigning as Prime Minister, Jim Davidson has taken it upon himself to run as PM.   

Despite attempts by the woke minority to cancel one of Britain’s greatest comedians, Jim Davidson OBE continues to perform, and what better stage to perform on than that of the world political stage. 

Who better to represent the silenced majority than Jim? He suggests that his past experiences would “outweigh that of the current jokers at the top!”

Over the years Jim has received continued support as the master funny man, demonstrating that the battle of freedom of speech has not yet been lost!

In this brand-new show for 2023, Jim Not Yet Cancelled for PM, invites you to join him for another evening of rip-roaring grown-up comedy and join the struggle against the few who try to divide us and impose their radical sensibilities on our culture!

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