Jim Davidson returns to tour after illness

Jim Davidson is preparing to return to the studio and stage after spending a few days in bed with man flu.

The comedian was forced to postpone his gig at Burnley Mechanics Theatre on Saturday after falling ill and losing his voice. He also pulled out of his appearance on Ustreme’s “Jim’s Sunday Sandwich” show, with Jake Moyes stepping in for the episode.

But he will back on stage to continue his tour this week after a few days of rest…and lots of Lemsip.

He said: “I am feeling a bit better so will be going to Port Talbot on Tuesday after recording “This Week” at Ustreme Studios.

“Man flu is ‘orrible and would have killed a standard man.”

“I hope to do the postponed Burnley gig as soon as the theatre sorts out a date that suits everyone. 

“I am now sponsored by Lemsip. I also am now addicted to Hot Toddies, so there’s always an upside.   

“I really should have a week off but I feel worse when I let people down. 

“I will be ready for the Port Talbot gig on Tuesday, Thursday in Cwmbran and then my favourite gig at Dudley town hall on Friday.

“I’m doing both halves of the show.”

Jim spoke to the Express & Star about his upcoming performance in the Black Country. Read the full interview here 

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