Jim sits down with Vicky Nash and Vicky Wright (and some other fabulous female panelists) to discuss the latest news, celebrity scandals and generally just put the world to rights.

22 thoughts on “Jim’s Sunday Sandwich”

  1. Geoff holmes

    Christmas eve.
    Not sure if you (Jim) are lucky or unlucky being able to fall in and out of love so easily, I haven’t truly loved anyone for forty years. That’s a proper Christmas top Vicky, Debs, still a cracker.
    Worst thing about 2023, losing too many friends, best thing about 2023 maling some new ones. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

  2. den baldwin

    great show good to have the A team firing on all cylinders, happy Christmas & hope next year will be a good one

  3. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim a brilliant episode as always Lovely christmas eve viewing. Happy Christmas Jim and everyone at Ustreme thanks for a great channel x

  4. den baldwin

    another great show always look forward to seeing the A team on a Sunday , Jim is lucky stuck between Vic & Debs lot worse places to be , good to hear you are not following the main media & blaming brits for troubles in London , tousi tv filmed it all worth a look

  5. den baldwin

    great to see Sunday sandwich back again , vic was on top form so good to hear you support Israel ,jim has same hair cut as me now lol Debs just get better looking

  6. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim brilliant episode its fantastic to have sunday sandwich back on its the perfect show. all the best as always x

  7. looking forward to sunday sandwich starting up again , my fav program, but need you Vic & Debs the A team

  8. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim great news about series 3 coming soon love it my favourite Ustreme show 🙂

  9. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim just one word Brilliant I love Sunday sandwich its so relaxed natural and so much fun, Sad its the final episode roll on series 3 🙂 Eurovision last night a total joke the juries making sure Sweden won even though the public voted hugely for the Finland song glad we flopped and came 2nd last shame it wasnt last but i agree with Lizzie the German song was weird and creepy. All the best Jim x

  10. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Brilliant show as always You Lizzy and Debbie were great again Thanks for all the laughs on a sunday afternoon. Lovely tribute to Vicky at the end as well. all the best x

  11. Geoff Holmes

    Side note: didn’t find Scott offensive.
    Dennis Hall was a brilliant manager
    Vicky how many times has Jim sacked you now ?
    Debbie please stop asking Jim, who are you ? We know who he is, he’s Jim Davidson…… OBE

  12. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim just watched the show another brilliant episode non stop laughs, You and Vicky are a wonderful double act and I hope Debbies little dog gets better soon. All the best x

  13. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Brilliant to have Sunday sandwich back on Ustreme, Fab panel Debbie is a great addition thanks for all the laughs x

  14. Geoff Holmes

    I know the old memory is a bit dodgy but, I thought Alison Hammond & Dermot were previously just autocue readers .
    Not my cup of tea, Debbie fits well.

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