Jim sits down with Vicky Nash and Vicky Wright (and some other fabulous female panelists) to discuss the latest news, celebrity scandals and generally just put the world to rights.

7 thoughts on “Jim’s Sunday Sandwich”

  1. Kenny Martin

    I loved the show . Especially the end
    Yes i hate Thatcher lot lads died because of her and families.
    And Vicky you were to young.to know what she done .
    But get your energy bills you know. What she done sold every thing British off to her mates.
    Love your hair style but is the curtains same colour as the carpet or Aeroplane blonde .
    Blonde hair black box

  2. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim just watched the show another brilliant episode non stop laughs, You and Vicky are a wonderful double act and I hope Debbies little dog gets better soon. All the best x

  3. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Brilliant to have Sunday sandwich back on Ustreme, Fab panel Debbie is a great addition thanks for all the laughs x

  4. Geoff Holmes

    I know the old memory is a bit dodgy but, I thought Alison Hammond & Dermot were previously just autocue readers .
    Not my cup of tea, Debbie fits well.

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