Left, Right & Centre…. Jim steps in AGAIN!

Ustreme’s highly successful live panel show – Left, Right & Centre – took a dramatic turn whilst filming Wednesday’s episode…

Jim Davidson was happily at the bar preparing to watch the show when admin director Debbie grabbed him and said, “Put that drink down and get your suit on.”

A young lady comedian had turned up, met everyone in the pub, gone backstage at the theatre…and then promptly disappeared.

While Jim was getting changed, the rest of the team were hunting for this vanishing comedian.

But she had disappeared completely without a trace. So putting any worries to one side Jim went on…the trouble is he’d had a couple by then and so everybody kept their fingers crossed and held their breath.

It later transpired from the booking agent that our young comedian had pulled the vanishing act because “perhaps she lost her nerve”.

Jim said: “She would have been in good hands on the show. All the Ustreme comedians helped and supported each other through each show, even though many of them had never met before.

“However I had a thoroughly good time. Well, what I can remember of it…I must watch it Wednesday.”

Left, Right & Centre is a Question Time-style panel show which sees comedians from across the political spectrum discuss a range of issues. It was filmed in front of live audiences at Wimborne’s Tivoli Theatre and received national critical acclaim.

The latest episode featuring Jim will be streamed on Ustreme.com from 6pm on Wednesday.

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