“Liz Truss reminded me of Thatcher at PMQs…Carol Thatcher”

Jim Davidson appeared on GB News with Dan Wootton to give his verdict on new Prime Minister Liz Truss…and how he’s convinced Health Secretary Thérèse Coffey is actually former Tory MP Ken Clarke!

Following her debut performance at PMQs, the comedian said: “I thought she was like Thatcher…Carol Thatcher.

“I don’t get it that politicians don’t speak from the heart. They have to speak from a piece of paper, don’t they?

“I think she was alright and calm. But we don’t want “alright”, we want dynamic.”

The pair also talked about left-wing comedian Joe Lycett’s “unfunny” trolling of Liz Truss on Laura Kuenssberg’s new Sunday Politics show, as well as the ministers she’s chosen to make up her cabinet.

Jim said: “That whole front bench now…talk about diverse. It’s incredible. They look like they’re about to do a commercial on TV.

“James Cleverly is great as is Kwasi Kwarteng. I said on my TV station the other day to bet your bottom dollar he’ll be the first through the door and get whatever job he wants. They get on really well and he’s a really clever bloke.

Talking about criticism being fielded at Health Secretary Thérèse Coffey over her appearance, and a photograph that’s circulating of her smoking a cigar, he added: “The Health Secretary, she’s being picked on. That’s not fair. It’s sexist.

“I actually think She’s Ken Clarke. You haven’t seen her and Ken Clarke together have you?!”

Dan said: “I want to defend Thérèse Coffey. She likes a drink, she likes a cigar, she likes karaoke. Well great.”

Jim and Dan also discussed the BBC’s axing of Sue Barker as Question of Sport presenter – which has seen the show lose 4m viewers 

The star has been replaced by Paddy McGuinness for the panel show, and has revealed that BBC bosses asked her to lie about the sacking before eventually asking her to come back.

Dan said her sacking was because of the BBC’s “tragic desperation to be woke.”

Jim said: “Paddy McGuiness ticks all the wokey boxes. He’s a nice guy, doesn’t really have an opinion.

“You have to remember the BBC gave me £1m to go away when I was presenting the Generation Game and Big Break. 

“They told me, ‘We don’t want another series. You can have a £1m but don’t tell anyone’.”

Asked by Dan why they didn’t want him anymore, he replied: “Do you really need to ask that Dan?!

“I think someone new turned up and went, ‘what’s here doing here…that Tory scumbag?’ and that was it.

“They didn’t even have any excuses, just didn’t want me anymore.”

Watch the full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an6n8A9MoU0&ab_channel=GBNews

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