Meet...Justin Panks

Professional stand up comedian Justin Panks has over a decade of experience and prides himself with being able to adapt to any room, be it rowdy and crowded, intimate comedy clubs or large theatres, and is a regular at: The Last Laugh Comedy Club, The Comedy Cabaret, Comedy Lounge Hull, Avalon, Fuzzy Bear, Off The Kerb, Backyard Comedy Club, Covent Garden, Jongleurs, LOL Comedy Clubs, The Comedy Club, RBM Comedy, Daves Comedy Clubs & is currently Tour Support.  UK based aswell as previously gigging in New York, Valencia, Ibiza, Turkey, Menorca, & Denmark

Toting his particular brand of uncompromising ‘Punk-Rock’ comedy, Justin Panks delivers unexpected punchlines and conjures up disturbing mental images that will stay with an audience for a lifetime.

Unapologetically fearless and committed to his cause he wades into the underbelly of everyday life surprising, shocking and delighting audiences with his well crafted jokes disguised as anecdotes.

Like a sufferer of Tourette’s syndrome that has had time to edit and construct his most embarrassing and revealing outbursts before making them public, he creates genuine excitement and generates enough power to to fill any room. This is not an act for the feint of heart.

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