Miles Crawford steps in to host Jim’s Sunday Sandwich

Ustreme favourite Miles Crawford will be stepping into Jim Davidson’s shoes to host this weekend’s ‘Jim’s Sunday Sandwich’ show.

The comedian and compere extraordinaire will present the topical panel show on Sunday, alongside Vicky Wright and Vicky Nash.

It is the fourth week of Jim’s Sunday Sandwich, which sees the panel put the world to rights and discuss the latest news.

Miles has appeared on a number of Ustreme’s shows, including Sunday Night Live and the critically-acclaimed Left, Right & Centre, as well as acting as a warm-up act for some of Jim’s stand-up shows.

With Jim away on tour this weekend, Miles said he was delighted to be leading the panel on this weekend’s Jim’s Sunday Sandwich, adding: “My goodness what an opportunity to fill in for this British comedy icon. One of my favourites.” 

Jim’s Sunday Sandwich airs every Sunday on

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