“Stick me in the House of Lords…and I’ll help our veterans”

Ustreme founder Jim Davidson is so upset that Prime Minister Liz Truss has removed the post of Veterans’ Affairs Minister that he’s demanding a place in the House of Lords so he can help the country’s heroes himself.

Jim has dedicated much of his career to British war heroes, entertaining troops in conflict zones across the world for the past 40 years and raising millions for causes that support veterans.

He is a passionate supporter of charities that help our veterans, especially those that help ex-services personnel re-adapt to civilian life, and launched Care After Combat and the British Forces Foundation.

He is devastated the new Prime Minister appears less than dedicated to the cause, and angry she has removed the role of Veterans’ Affairs Minister which Johnny Mercer had been in just weeks under previous PM Boris Johnson.

He said: “It is obvious she does not have much time for veterans. In fact I had lunch with her some time ago when I was with Care After Combat and she certainly proved to me for the hour I was with her that she believed veterans should just be treated exactly the same as anyone else and that they need no additional support.

“She obviously doesn’t see the political side of supporting veterans. We have 3 million veterans in this country and if she’s not careful they’re all going to vote Labour. 

“However I have a cunning plan…and I have written to Boris Johnson to tell him. The solution is to stick me in the House of Lords and give me the job of looking after our veterans. End of problem.

“Stranger things have happened!”

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