‘The real turning moment was when I got stabbed at 15’: SAS hero Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham shares his fascinating life story on Ustreme

SAS hero Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham has shared all about his fascinating life from off-the-rails child to one of the country’s most decorated soldiers and much-loved TV stars during a tell-all interview for Ustreme.

The hero sat down with Alex Belfield as part of Ustreme’s ‘Face to Face’ series.

Growing up on a tough estate in Walsall, Billy told how he drank his first whiskey at the age of eight, was in court by 11 and was stabbed  at 15.

Despite barely attending school and admitting to being part of gangs as a youngster that saw him involved in violence, he developed a passion for boxing and was then ‘saved’ by joining the military.

During the interview he said: “I was going left and right then someone would slap me and put me back on track. But the real turning moment was when I got stabbed.”

He joined the Parachute Regiment in 1983 before joining the SAS in 1991 as a Mountain Troop specialist, responsible for planning and executing strategic operations around the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and Africa, and leading countless hostage rescues.

He then went on to become a bodyguard for A-list stars, including 

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sir Michael Caine, Jude Law, Hulk Hogan, Kate Moss, Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise – before becoming a TV star as an instructor on Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins.

During the interview, Billy also talked about deploying to Haiti in 2010 after a devastating earthquake destroyed the country, where he lived and worked for three years.

Watch the full fascinating interview at ustreme.com

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