Ustreme donates to under-threat Veterans In Action charity

Ustreme has donated a further £1,000 to a military charity that helps veterans with PTSD, after its founder revealed it is facing closure amid the cost of living crisis.

Veterans in Action (VIA) supports veterans who struggle to adjust to civilian life after leaving the armed forces, giving them opportunities to work together on a variety of projects that give them a sense of belonging and purpose outside of military life, including the stripping and rebuilding of old Land Rovers for expeditions, treks and explorations. 

But Billy MacLeod MBE, CEO of VIA said that the charity is now surviving on dwindling reserves after donations dried up, and voiced fears that lives would be lost if it goes under.

VIA is one of the charities chosen to receive money from the Ustreme Veterans Fund, which allows members to donate to good causes.

The streaming channel, run by Jim Davidson OBE – a long-time personal supporter of military causes – has donated thousands of pounds to VIA in the past, including to support its recent humanitarian missions to deliver medical supplies to the Ukranian border. 

Jim has now visited the charity’s headquarters to hand over a cheque for £1,000 following news of the charity’s struggles.

He said: “This is such a brilliant charity.  It’s a really good PTSD buster, and they’ve only got two months left before they go skint.

“Thank you to our members for their donations which have allowed us to give this £1,000. That will help a bit and we’ll try to get a few more quid together.

“The main thing is that we have to find a way forward. We’ve got Johnny Mercer back now as Veterans Minister but he’s going to have so much on his plate.

“Wouldn’t it be good if he could see Billy MacLeod and see what can be done.”

People can donate to the cause by texting ‘donate’ to 66777 or visiting

To read more about the plight of Veterans in Action, visit

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