Ustreme raises £1k for Clocktower Foundation after “appalling” BBC documentary on SAS

Ustreme has raised £1,000 for the Clocktower Foundation, which helps members of the SAS, veterans and their families – following an impassioned plea from Jim Davidson on the back of an “appalling” BBC Panorama documentary.

Ustreme founder Jim spoke of his disgust at the documentary – called SAS Death Squads Exposed: A British War Crime? – after it aired last week.

The programme focused on night raids by Special Forces in Afghanistan and accused the SAS of executing detainees and murdering unarmed people.

The comedian, a longtime supporter of the British Forces, said the programme was an insult to our heroic Special Forces and the memories of the hundreds of servicemen and women who died in the conflict.

Ustreme raises thousands of pounds for military causes, including Care After Combat and Veterans in Action through its Ustreme Veterans Fund.

Following the Panorama documentary, Jim asked for supporters of our Armed Forces to make donations to go towards the Clocktower Foundation – and has now sent a cheque for £1,000 to the cause thanks to generous donations from Ustreme members.

The charity is named after the famous clock tower at the SAS base in Hereford, which is inscribed with the names of fallen members of the SAS. To serve a term and survive is known as beating the clock.

The fund has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to support members of the Regiment and their families.

Donations can be made at

Watch Jim’s full YouTube clip discussing his feelings about the documentary at

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