Ustreme secures exclusive rights to comedy legend Jethro’s back catalogue

Ustreme is delighted to have secured the rights to comedy legend Jethro’s entire back catalogue as part of an exclusive new deal.

The late comedian was known as one of the country’s best and most loved entertainers, selling more than 250,000 theatre seats a year at his peak along with hundreds of thousands of copies of his stand-up DVDs. 

Ustreme has now signed a deal to secure 20 of his titles to be streamed exclusively on the channel.

Ustreme founder Jim Davidson OBE, a close friend of Jethro who led funeral tributes to the star following his death last December, said: “He was a great comedian, Jethro. He just liked to tell jokes, and his timing was immaculate. 

“Even if you’d heard that old joke a million times, he’d still make you laugh with it. He was unique.

“He is one of greatest entertainers and comedians this country has ever produced, and I never met anyone who had a bad word to say about him.

“We are over the moon to have signed this deal for his material. Our Ustreme members are in for a treat.”

The Jethro deal comes after Ustreme secured the rights to the entire back catalogue of Roy Chubby Brown – one of the biggest selling DVD entertainers of the last decade – along with that of Jim Davidson himself.

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