Ustreme signs exclusive deal with Roy Chubby Brown

Ustreme is delighted to announce that veteran comedian Roy Chubby Brown has signed an exclusive deal with the streaming channel.

Roy Chubby Brown – real name Royston Vasey – has been entertaining audiences for decades with his outrageous, hilarious and profanity-laden comedy.

Ustreme has now signed an exclusive deal with the star, securing 30 of his titles – including his latest stand-up show, ‘Harmless Vulgarity and Friendly Smut’.

Ustreme founder, Jim Davidson OBE, said: “Chubby’s comedy knows no bounds or limits and he believes that if an audience does not want to hear what he has to say it is best if they don’t come…but come they do, in their thousands.”

Roy was one of the biggest selling DVD entertainers of the last decade and Ustreme’s exclusive deal means we’ll now be streaming all of his shows and interviews.

Jim said: “I’ve never actually worked with Roy, in fact I’ve never seen him live, but I have met him several times and a nicer bloke you couldn’t wish to meet.

“It is a great privilege to have chubby signed to Ustreme and I’m sure that you members will be glued to his outrageous antics.”

Harmless Vulgarity and Friendly Smut will stream exclusively on from Sunday, September 25th.

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