Ustreme subscriptions soar as everyone agrees, ‘We really do want to laugh like we used to’

The number of members signing up to Ustreme is soaring, as people flock to laugh like they used to.

Investment in a number of new shows – including the hilarious and critically-acclaimed new panel show Left, Right & Centre – have seen hundreds of new members sign up to be part of the Ustreme family within the past three days alone.

A new promotion has been launched which sees members who sign up to the annual £47.99 Ustreme package given the equivalent of their membership fee in signed goodies. Among the items is Jim Davidson’s latest stand-up DVD as well as much-loved archived stage footage from the comedy legend and other personally signed merchandise – and the deal is proving a huge hit with fans.

Throughout May, people are also being offered the chance of a 7-day free trial to give a taste of what Ustreme has to offer.

Ustreme was set up by comedian Jim Davidson OBE during Covid lockdowns while he was unable to perform live stand-up shows. It has one aim: To make people laugh like they used to.

The platform features a number of original scheduled programmes, including Left, Right & Centre – a Question Time-style panel show (but with laughs) that features six comedians from across the political spectrum debating issues raised by a live audience. The show has received rave reviews , including a positive write up in the Daily Telegraph, which commented on the fact the comedians laughed and joked with each other following recording despite having different opinions and views.

Face to Face – a series of hard-hitting interviews by Alex Belfield with a host of celebrity guests including Frank Bruno, SAS hero ‘Billy’ Billingham, Right Said Fred, Francine Lewis and Charlie Mullins – is also proving a hit with audiences. 

Other shows include Jim Davidson’s This Week, where the comedian gives his own unique and outrageous take on the biggest issues in the world, as well as Sunday Night Live, a nod to the good old fashioned entertainment programmes of the past, featuring celebrity guests, exclusive new sketches and gags aplenty. 

Ustreme is also proud to have secured the exclusive rights to a number of stand-up performances by comedy legends, including Jim himself, Jethro and Freddie Starr.

Jim said: “The tide is turning against this ‘woke’ agenda and people are getting sick of being preached to like they’re at a university lecture.

“Comedy should make you laugh, and that is exactly what we do at Ustreme.

“We have a niche market. It’s real comedy that makes people laugh like they used to. 

“We’re not trying to do everything, like Netflix does. You can see what happens when you try to do it all. We have members, not subscribers, and we are all part of the Ustreme family here to have a good laugh.

“We’ve invested in some fantastic new shows and the reviews for our new panel show Left, Right & Centre have been amazing. There is a real appetite for people to not take life so seriously and get on again, and not try to cancel each other for having a different opinion.

“Our membership numbers are soaring because of it. And people are loving the offer of signed merchandise, including some of my stand-up DVDs. Who said DVDs were dead, eh? It’s just like vinyl, people want some of those good old days back.”

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