“Would you rather a bloke in a frock fly your plane…or Joe Biden?”

Ustreme boss Jim Davidson appeared on his GB News “Uncancelled” slot with Dan Wooton, with the pair discussing British Airways’ new dress code, Joe Biden’s latest gaffe and Liz Truss’ tax U-turn.

After Virgin Atlantic announced the introduction of pronoun badges and a new policy giving male staff permission to wear skirts on planes, British Airways has reviewed its own policies. 

Dan accused the airline of “pandering to PC culture” with its pledge to “inclusive working practices” – including male pilots wearing heels, dresses and lipstick.

“Can’t they just focus on getting planes off the ground on time because they don’t seem to be doing that very well at the moment,” said Dan.

Jim replied: “To me they can wear whatever they want as long as that plane takes off, there’s good service, they don’t lose your baggage and they put food in front of you that you can eat.

“But it is ridiculous. Is this just a little grab at PR to cheer up all the woke people in case they’re cancelled somewhere?

“But what’s next? Can we still call it a cockpit?”

The pair also discussed US President Joe Biden’s latest gaffe, in which he called for the late Jackie Walorski, the former Republican representative for the state of Indiana who died in a car crash in August, to make herself known in the crowd.

Jim joked: “Would you rather have a male pilot in a frock flying your plane or Joe Biden having a little go?!

“A lot of people get to a certain age where they’ve probably died six months ago but haven’t fallen over yet. I think this is what the problem is. They give him a little nudge every now and again.”

Talking about Prime Minister Liz Truss, Dan asked: “She was not meant for turning but she already has. Is she still Margaret Thatcher 2.0?”

Jim said: “No. I don’t think she’s any Thatcher. Not even Mark.”

“What Liz needs to do is listen to other people. 

“But if she’s going to do a U-turn on anything, she needs to take a look at what she is doing with veterans in this country.

“There are 3 million veterans in our country and she has demolished the post Johnny Mercer and all of us were trying to get, which is a seat at the big table to look after the veterans. She’s got rid of that now.

“I had lunch with her a while ago while I was running a veterans’ charity and she didn’t seem to understand that veterans need a helping hand.

“Not a handout, a hand up. 

“So I hope she does a U-turn on that.”

Watch the full interview below:

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