“It was the darkest year of my life”

Jim Davidson is to sit down for a tell-all interview about his year of hell being falsely accused of historical sex attacks – and the past decade spent rebuilding his life and career.

The interview – Yewtree: 10 Years On. My Story – will be streamed exclusively on his Ustreme streaming channel.

It comes after Channel 4 aired a documentary looking back at Operation Yewtree, a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations launched in 2012 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Of the 19 people arrested, nine faced no prosecution at all – including Jim – while seven were convicted and three others acquitted in court.

Jim, who spent 12 months on bail before being told he would face no further action to the allegations made by 11 women, said: “It has been 10 years since Operation Yewtree was launched, which turned my world completely upside down.

“I remember at the time seeing all of these celebrities being arrested in connection with historical sex abuse allegations but I never thought it would be me.

“I knew I had never done anything wrong.

“But little did I know.

“It seemed like anyone could just make an allegation and they would be believed.

“A decade on, this will give me a chance to look back on the darkest period of my life and how my life has changed since.”

The interview will be streamed EXCLUSIVELY on Ustreme from Saturday 3rd September.

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