“You’ve insulted our SAS heroes and British war dead. Shame on you BBC”

Ustreme founder Jim Davidson has spoken of his disgust at a BBC Panorama documentary that accused SAS soldiers of killing Afghan civilians in cold blood.

The comedian, a longtime supporter of the British Forces, said the programme was an insult to our heroic Special Forces and the memories of the hundreds of servicemen and women who died in the conflict.

The controversial documentary, called SAS Death Squads Exposed: A British War Crime?, aired on Tuesday night.  It focused on night raids by Special Forces in Afghanistan and accused the SAS of executing detainees and murdering unarmed people.

Ahead of its screening, the Ministry of Defence put out a statement saying: “We believe that BBC Panorama’s episode about SAS operations in Afghanistan…jumps to unjustified conclusions from allegations that have been fully investigated.

“We have provided a detailed and comprehensive statement to Panorama, highlighting unequivocally how two Service Police operations carried out extensive and independent investigation into allegations about the conduct of UK forces in Afghanistan.

“Neither investigation found sufficient evidence to prosecute. Insinuating otherwise is irresponsible, incorrect and puts our brave Armed forces personnel at risk both in the field and reputationally.”

Jim has taken to his YouTube channel to voice his disgust at the programme.

He said: “Even the title is appalling. Who gave them the right to say SAS Death Squad?

“Whoever the reporter was, he was so determined to believe anybody that said anything, without any corroboration, without any evidence.

“And now people are calling for an investigation. Well as far as I know there’s been two investigations into what happened in Afghanistan regarding these allegations that were made by various human rights lawyers.

“Last night’s programme was, I think, appalling. 

“First of all it was mainly focused on the Australian SAS, which are different to our SAS. And our SAS are not guilty by association. 

“It’s just lies, lies, lies, lies. I’ve never been so outraged.

“Our SAS will be horrified at this. Let’s have an inquiry instead about all of our British dead.

“The reporter referred to ‘the British’ as if he comes from another planet. Well he does, he comes from Planet Woke and he can bloody well go and stay there.

“How dare he? How dare the BBC?”

The Royal Military Police have now written to Panorama requesting they share any new information they have gathered so it can be reviewed.

Jim Davidson’s Ustreme raises thousands of pounds for military causes, including Care After Combat and Veterans in Action through its Ustreme Veterans Fund.

Following the Panorama documentary, Jim asked for supporters of our Armed Forces to make donations to the fund to go towards the SAS Clocktower Foundation.

Donations can be made at https://ustreme.news/veterans-fund/

Watch the full YouTube clip at https://youtu.be/-NuvjrUjwdw

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