Jim Davidson OBE gives his unique take on the latest news, issues and ridiculousness from around the world – only occasionally filmed while he’s suffering from a hangover…

17 thoughts on “This Week”

  1. Kenny Martin

    You should be Prime Minister.Have two Vicky’s, Debbie, Jake and the comedians as back benchers. Did you see the News today, MP fast asleep.Well first time Im voting Tories. Labour waste of time wanting keep imigrants and I love Sueella what shes doing about Imigrants . Should put them up in the air base at Lincoln. Good runway for Hercules to take them home, or there choice Riwanda, Even Arsenal advertise visit Rwanda on the bords going around rhe pitch.
    Wish I could edit reviews sometimes next morning, I dont think should put that, or I missed something out . Im dislestic

  2. Stewart Garner- Jones

    great as usual, that joke about the stuttering bible seller bloody killed me!

    thanks all

  3. Hi! 👋🏻 I’m new here and just working my way around Ustreme. I’m here for the laughs and interesting views and I don’t take myself too seriously. Best Wishes. Victoria.

  4. Kenny Martin

    Watched Jimmy Jones live.
    Brilliant show
    He is looking great
    Was worried about him on the Comedians not look to well

  5. Kenny Martin

    You never mentioned 300 show.
    Got bit confused whether watching this week or Pantomimes
    Never mind, look foreward to Jethro and Sunday sarnie.

  6. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim whoops dopey here just posted my review on the sunday night page no ive not been drinking 🙂 Congratulations on the 300th episode every one of them a corker 🙂 Looking forward to Sunday sandwich returning on sunday its a brilliant show all the best x

  7. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Great show tonight as usual Nice to be able to comment again this review page is fab 🙂 Im just waiting for Samsung to watch you on the box. Hope to see you later in the year in Tamworth again, All the best x

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