Jim Davidson OBE gives his unique take on the latest news, issues and ridiculousness from around the world – only occasionally filmed while he’s suffering from a hangover…

112 thoughts on “This Week”

  1. Sad theres no good news around today Jim.
    But stiff upper lip mate.
    onward and upward.
    Great show as allways,

  2. Kenny Martin

    If the goverment had listened to Enoch Powell . We would not have imigrants .Rushi and lot of the goverment would not of been Born in UK The papers will put you up there then put you Down look at Duke of York .
    He never raped any one .
    Young lass was paid to have sex with him .
    She could of said no .
    But what a catch for her . I shagged a Prince.
    Look at all the lasses who run after rich and famous people .
    What did they call them Groupies.

  3. Kenny Martin

    I think yor more into you tube then uestreme now. Plus your own live shows by
    No Sunday sand wich
    Left right and centre every other week.
    No face to face .
    Sadly no pull upa sandbag .
    Unless you get some one replace Denzil
    Friday night live get them on you tube.
    This week getting boreing .
    Need to do something soon

    1. Kenny Martin

      Plus comedians on left right and centrecar
      boreing only when Bobby Davro and yourself get a laugh .
      Danny same material

    2. Kenny Martin

      Sorry that was not what i meant about Denzil replacement
      No one could replace him .
      The show should now be cancelled.
      It was the best show on uestreme.
      Loved itvl

  4. Hi Jim,

    I hope this finds you well. I have had an idea of you and Bobby Davro going on tour together it could be filmed for Ustreme. Or you could do a video tour diary showing what it’s like being on tour, the shit dressing rooms, the crap food and hotels and what goes on to prepare for the show and what goes in to it.

    Keep up the great content so great to see a decent app

    Kind regards

  5. David Mintrim

    Hi Jim,
    Hope you’re well and settling into life in Hamble? It’s been a tough year for you Sir but your output is as relevant & funny as ever.
    Keep up the great work!
    PS I also hope you’ll talk about the great Mike Yarwood this week (RIP) – another great who has departed 😞.
    All the best!

    1. Kenny Martin

      Jim I loved the shows But now its not good.
      We payong for rubbish.
      Get your new shows on now .
      Your to busy with other shows
      Which ater free

  6. den baldwin

    Hi Jim
    another great show always enjoy your rants , with this country plenty to rant about , we seem to be losing a lot of good people , maybe it is our age sad times need to enjoy every day , new house looks lovely do like a place with history hope you will be happy their , keep up the good work you make a lot of people smile , cheers mate

  7. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim great show as always glad the move is going well that looks a lovely home 🙂 id love to see Bobby Davro do a few This week episodes as well. Over the years ive seen lots of women grab football players and give them a kiss on the lips after winning a cup etc this is just way over the top give the bloke a telling off but the way its still dragging on is crazy. all the best as usual Jim

  8. Jim mcmurdo

    Love this week shows but it’s now about 17 min twice a week of which 6 minutes is on YouTube. When it first started it was about 45/50 minutes 3 days a week. Needs to be longer and more often and yes a few other presenters would make it a weekly show.

    1. Kenny Martin

      Yes agree
      May well just go on you tube
      Other show now once every two werks
      Live shows get on you tube
      New shows be on you tube soon

    2. Kenny Martin

      Well upstream getting Neglected Jim on, you tube GB news chanel five, and his live shows plus getting divorced .

  9. Mr Robert Moorhouse

    Did I miss the joke, why is the spelling of series fifteen of “this week” written as fithteen?

  10. Geoff holmes

    I had to travel to London for hospital appointment, 17 minutes on the tube, I then had to change my breathing filter as it was black sane on the return journey and Kahn want to ban cars, worradick

  11. Kenny Martin

    Im sick of you saying its Lefties to blame any thing goes wrong.
    Its the Tories running the country in to ruin with imigrants.
    Paying France millions to stop imigrants .
    Some tories are immigrants. Do you think all your subscribers ar Tories.
    If the lefties cancelled there subscriptions
    You be not happy
    So think twice before you slag lefties off .
    Saying that hate I hate labour goverment at the moment.
    Not vote for them
    And definitely not vote for Rushi.
    His wife under investigation again .

  12. agree with evrything you say on thee small boats invasion.
    Cant wait for the Jim’s Sunday sanwich new season.
    Good luck mate in your new home and hope you find real happiness soon

    1. Spencer neale

      Great dhow jim you talk alot of sence mate good luck with your move hope channel 5 do you justice

  13. Steve Webber

    Hello Jim,
    That politician was bang-on telling those immigrants to fuck off back to France.
    When are we all going to wake up? We live 5 miles from the old RAF Scampton site where they are trying to house 2000 all-male immigrants. We are fighting to stop it happening but we are losing at every turn. It’s quite obvious the majority of the UK doesn’t want this blight in this country but the majority for some reason aren’t being heard. Why this is, I don’t know. What is this going to take to stop this influx? Why can the government not see what is happening? Why does France keep turning a blind eye to what is happening on their beaches? Surely, it’s against some EU law to allow them to quite clearly leave for Blighty? I really feel for my teenage kids and what sort of country they are going to end up living in. There are already no-go areas in the UK for the indigenous people because they have been taken over. It’s very worrying, I hope that my kids end up emigrating to somewhere like Australia, at least they only let the people in they need. This country’s gone to pot.

    1. Kenny Martin

      Well i always voted labour .
      Our upbringing.
      But ill never vote labour under Starmer .
      I hate saying this.
      I wish Thatcher was alive and Prime Minister .
      Be no imigrants
      One prick interviewed
      Said his wife is in Iran.
      Well he should be with her.. looking after your family
      Difference between ET and Imigrants
      ET wanted to go home

  14. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim is Debbie on holiday ? Sky are just jealous of Ustreme and GB News. Great show as always Jim 15 series of this week already 🙂 loved every single one of them. All the best x

  15. teresa young

    hi jim great show.sky tv have probably banned ustream tv advert because sky tv don’t want to lose viewers.ustream tv is better than sky tv.i don’t watch sky tv anymore

  16. hi jim great show.sky tv have probably banned ustream advert because they don’t want to lose viewers ustream is better than sky i don’t watch sky tv anymore..

  17. Hi Jim another great show. But can I point out you can’t identifie as a hamster as you are not allowed behind the wheel. Keep up the good work

  18. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim, Its that Theatres loss its just a shame you and the people of Torquay cant have the choice in seeing you perform there because of a few snowflakes. Sunak has to go and we need a new Tory leader and PM who is actually voted in by the tory membership and not just a few MPs. Have a great show tonight in Torquay all the best Jim x

  19. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim great show as usual Love hearing your train travel stories i find the tube even worse then the trains its horrid. Why are 99% of the presenters etc on the womens world cup females yet for the mens football its always full of women football “experts”,female commentators are the worst scream and squeal whenever the ball go’s into the penalty area. All the best as usual Jim 🙂

  20. Kenny Martin

    Before long . We will walk doon the road and a immigrant will shout. Ye whitey get the Fuk oot of war pkuntry

    1. Kenny Martin

      This is a true story.
      My mate married a Thai lass
      She came over here , then her sister came over .
      Couple months later , she kicked my mate out the house..
      They are still there and hes at his mothers.

      1. Same happened to my uncle. Shes got a house and hes having to bunk up with his son, mrs & kids. 🙄

  21. Hi Jim. I love these weekly shows. You cover off the day to day news perfectly and somehow make some of them absolutely hilarious. You definitely say what we are all thinking. Cant wait for the next one especially as your in Torquay, its nice to see you down there but as i said the other week, gutted i missed you. I quite often look for Princess Mitchie in the harbour.
    I do have a question and ive not seen you do this, but would you be able to give me a shout out in your September weekly for my 50th 🤦‍♀️ or now. I keep telling everyone im 50 now, Im as good as.

    Keep up the brilliant work you do. Your fantastic. Xx

  22. Kenny Martin

    Jim if you had been Prime Minister .
    You get a Chauffeur driven car for rest of your life .
    Cost working class tax ,£50000 a year.

  23. Kenny Martin

    It cost £4000 per immigrant on a boat come here.
    Get that refunded weekly.
    Costs £20000 to Riwanda
    Via Rushi airways.
    £49000 to Rushi border control for documents
    £100000 Per immigrant in a Rushi.hotel in Riwanda
    Millions to France to allow imigrants to come here .
    Put them on a RAF plane to where they came from .
    Cost very little as its a.RAF exercice for training pilots.

    1. Kenny Martin

      Give some veterans a security job,on the plane.
      Any trouble open back door kick a dinghy out.
      Give the a life jacket then kick them. Out.

    1. Kenny Martin

      Why you put stuff on you tube .
      Should be on Uestreme .
      Eg Sunday sandwich .
      Why have i got to go on you tube.
      Most live shows on you tube.
      Still waiting lot of these new shows coming on .

  24. Great channel Jim
    love all you do.
    Did Vicky survive the marathon as we haven’t seen her since.

  25. Kenny Martin

    When it was British Rail everything was fine .
    Until MT sold it . Over 28 companies now run the railway
    Energy was British oK till MT soldi it off
    Loads companies now run energy.
    The country fukt because Tories run it.
    But there again Labour be as bad .
    Imigrants . Well canny few MPs
    Parents are immigrants.
    Go any where in the World try enter with out Passport
    Its ietherv get on next plane home or Jail .
    Not our Goverment
    £2000 for one way ticket to Rawanda. But them in a hercules more comftable than them boats .
    Wonder who has contract to fly them to Rawanda . .
    Some money can be made there.
    Buy a decent Hercules.
    Fancy going partners Jim .
    Couple your mates as
    Air Hostesses. Keep them in line..
    My Mam was first ever RAF air hostess .

  26. Hi Jim. Totally agree with everything you say re the police. Wtf do we pay council tax for. Like you say all their interested in is the motorist!! What you have said is exactly what we’ve said. The nob heads on the bikes etc. This country is a total joke and i can’t see it getting any better. Theres more coming in in this country than ever now. Like you say. How the hell they cross that channel and you cant get to torquay in your gorgeous princess mitchie. (Was in torquay myself last week on a week’s holiday, gutted to miss you) but did notice the harbour advertising this wonderful channel. Great dvd by the way. Absolutely hilarious. I knew it would be before i watched it. Keep up the fantastic work you do, you really are a special person. Sending my best wishes. Nicky xx

  27. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim watched your new show last night it was fantastic non stop laughter thanks for another brilliant show.

  28. Kenny Martin

    Pop stars try change accent like americans so they understand them like Mick Jagger he sings American accent .
    But the Duke was Greek changed to English. Why not speak in greek accent . talked like he had marbles in his mouth.
    Billy Connley changed his accent , if he went and spoke broad Glaswegian no body understand him.
    London they cant understand Geordies, Its, He man where you come from . Your English no way.
    That bloke should of said . My chest touched her tits not my hand , when she was rubbing her jack and danny up my Corey.
    Any witness, Got any proof.
    Some women just snakes with tits
    Going to cost UK tax payers £20000 for flight ticket for Immigrant to fly to Rwanda . Plus pay Rwanda £100000 to take each immigrant. Add ons £164000. Wonder who’s got that contract.
    Put them on a Hercules and drop them off where they come from. Get wives and kids at airport to meet them. That be nice surprise.
    Good enough for British troops.to fly around places.

      1. Kenny Martin

        Yes Melanie Thanks Jake told me .
        So just watched Jimmy Jones
        Again always miss something

  29. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Great episode as usual, They have had it in for Boris ever since he got brexit done and walked the 2019 general election, I thought Tourettes were those mints Hale and Pace used to advertise 🙂 All the best Jim see you thursday x

  30. Kenny Martin

    Can you not give the two young lads a slot now on Ustreme.They dont need training .Both have there own style. Love to see them.

  31. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim great show as usual, That political party has my vote you and the Boys in the house of commons brilliant 🙂 Almost spat my tea out with your comment about you and Miles off to buy a sofa 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow nights show it will be brilliant. All the best Jim x

  32. Kenny Martin

    Try to explain to children the birds and the bees. These days.
    There are birds that used to be bees
    Bees that used to be Birds.
    Birds that look like Bees.
    Bees that look like Birds..
    But still got a stinger.

  33. Kenny Martin

    Its good you got 200000 ustreme members .
    £49 a year each member. Comes to nearly £10 million a year or £190000 a week .
    Well done Jim .
    Hope you got a good accountant.

    1. Kenny Martin

      Then again Grealash . Man City player
      Gets £300000 a week plus £10 million a year off puma And another £10 million of another sponsor.
      So he just bought a Lamborghini £250000 out his pocket money.

  34. Kenny Martin

    The Queen was opening a hospital. Walking up the ward curtains were drawn.
    When they opened them a man was masturbating .
    The Queen says . O , Whats one doing .
    The Matron says hes just had a vasectomy . He needs to Masturbate to make sure there is no sperm Marm .
    Further up curtains closed .
    They opened them . Man getting blow job of a nurse.
    The Queen says , O whats going on here.
    The Matron says .
    Hes just had a vasectomy , like that other gentleman .
    But he is on Private Health care.

  35. Kenny Martin

    I was going through Mersey tunnel and followed a bus .
    When I got out of tunnel I seen a car light flashing carried on going and he pulled up in front of me ..
    I pulled up and a cop came out his car said .Do you know Why I pulled you over I said no .
    He said you were speeding.
    I said I was behind the bus why did you not go after him up he must been speeding .
    He said only got one car .
    Then he said I have wiped people up like you speeding in the tunnel .
    I bit my tongue nearly said and I have wipe stuff of my shoe like you..
    But instead I said my wife nicked of with a copper and I thought he was bring her back .
    He laughed and said Drive careful Geordie get in your way.
    Now that was a true story but got passed on and some comedians use that.
    I dont mind .I have a good giggle at it.

  36. Kenny Martin

    I used to drive to Aberdeen , Just outside Edinburgh you were doin 70 mph come to go under a bridge its 50 moh . By the time you slow down your done . Got done couple times .
    So used the train.
    Came home from Aberdeen once in mates car . Night time .
    I liked driving rather than passenger. He had this sat nav
    Went off for speed cameras.
    Fck sake beeping al the time .
    If not for that sat nave by time for got home I be banned .
    I was going through Tyne Tunnel once from South Side to North its 30 mph From North to South it is 40 mph
    Any way I was going North at 30mph. Its two lane now .It used to be £1.80 just put it up to £2.30 Forth Bridge dont pay nout now
    Any way driving at 30mph A hearse and funeral cars over took me .
    Driving down a road 30 mph
    One of them kids scooter over took me .
    I got done for doing 34 mph on same road.

  37. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim enjoyed the episode as usual, Sorry to hear about what happened hope things can be sorted soon, I remember when Schofield came out i wish he would go back in again fed up of seeing him everytime i open a paper or put the telly on. Looking forward to Left Right and Centre returning at the weekend, loving Ustreme 🙂 All the best Jim.

  38. Kenny Martin

    When our lass goes to bed .I have to switch tele off
    Deaf in one ear half deaf in other. So if in pain I have a drink and put uestreme on with head phones Cheer myself up forget about the pain and watch live shows .
    Next morning our lass says you had a good laugh least night.
    But if had whiskey cant remember .So jave to watch it again .
    Whats up with Vicky Nash .love Vicky. Loved other Vicky also .
    God bless her . Needs a talking to God. Taking beautiful people to early. Why cant he do it with Putin

  39. Kenny Martin

    Young ones dont relate to stories like that .
    Chris Ramsay was in the custom house . I was at a show Brilliant place. I would live you do come especially with Danny .forgot his second name .
    Hes briliant
    I told a storie to a posh woman about me being poor as a kid .
    At Christmas if I woke up with a hard on I had something to play with . This lad burst out laughing. I said you Chris Ramsay as he had a beard .
    He said I used to go to school with him .
    I said he is as funny as tooth ache . Which I believe. If he had said yes I am..
    I would if shook his hand and said Im proud of you doing well for a South Shield s lad
    But these youn ones noy my type.
    You , Bobby, Jimmy , Jethro.
    Danny ., Keith Okraine.are brilliant .
    You especially all your shows are different takes some doing.

  40. Kenny Martin

    Need to add this..
    You used to work over time two half shifts 4.30 to 6 .30 Tuesday and Wednesday and Sunday morning 7.30 to 12.00 Working mens clubs open Sunday 12.00 till 2.00 . Comedian and Striper some clubs.
    If you went and asked a welder to work with you Sunday morning.
    He would say ask me tomorro. Son
    Got me good suit, shirt and tie on . Dont want to get weld sparkes on . Im going to the club at 12.00 So he did nout all morning ..
    Great times.Loads laughs .
    Billy Connolly tells stories about the yards.
    But not that one ..
    I wanted to go on your comedy show .
    But cant .

  41. Kenny Martin

    This not a review bit crack .You being upper class not know this.
    Years ago in ship yards .Dinner time you go have 3 pints some lads 4 pints in dinner hour . Work till 6 .30 on way home have a pint . Have your dinner , get washed .
    Go out 9.00 have 4 or 5 pints maybe nigh cap a chaser .
    Go to bed .
    Up next morning off to work . Fit as out .
    Lot lads in ship yards and mines died before pension age . Saved country lot money.
    Now shut down ship yards and mines . Men living in the 80s .
    But they have got Prostate cancer , Alzheimer’s .Dementia , Parkinson’s disease, and Arthritis ,
    Never heard of them before .
    Plus on zimmer frames and walking sticks.
    Gid bless them

  42. Kenny Martin

    Well said Jim .
    Has Vicky had her funeral
    Wonder how many these woke tory protesters drive cars that use petrol . Go on holiday in planes , use gas fires , oil heaters .
    That arsehole Starmer wants Sue Ellen sacked because she is doing het best to get rid of Imigrants . While he was a solicitor getting paid lot of money to try get immigrants to stay .
    But these celebrities , likes of Beckham and Katy Price think they are above the law.When they have traffic offences..
    Should of just let Sue Ellen off .
    Be a Tory back bencher stabbing her in the back..
    Good with knives that lot ..
    We will be riding horses soon.
    Because electric be that high not afford a electric car.
    Plus they use gas/oil to make electric.

  43. Geoff Holmes

    Sadly cannot keep the old planes flying as specialist engineers are dieing out and without them you cannot get air worthiness certificates.

  44. Kenny Martin

    On Saturday there was knock at the door. It was our Labour MP.
    Asked if I had any issues with our town .Told her Imigrants stopping in Hotel on Sea front . They also get taxis paid for The fair ground have lots black people working there.
    She said they are not .
    I then told her im not voting Labour again because of Starmer . He was solicitor to keep imigrants in the country.
    Wesh labour Mps want pay imigrants £1600 a month ,dont need to look for work.
    But keep telling you Jim .
    We hated Thatcher Closed ship yards and pits .
    Got ships built abroad and bought coal from Germany
    London is South, Birmingham is Midlands, Manchester ls North Beyond that is North East we are not English but Geordies, Mackums and Smogies .
    But even Labour dont give a shit about working class.
    Imigrants get more than Pensioners.
    But I like that Sue Ellen.
    But Rishi and rest of his clan all millionaires .Tax dodging , lieing back stabbers.
    Any thing goes wrong you blame lefties. Tories are ruling the country .
    Thats why as many strikes .
    Put the Torie ministers on minium wage and labour Ministers See how they can manage .
    Good news, I think you should be nighted all the work you do for charity. Well done but slow down .Over 70 now .

  45. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim another fab show, I used to love watching eurovision my favourites never won they usually came last 🙂 sadly for a while now though its just political voting and boring samey songs. It was Hearsay who Myleene Klass was in how could we forget them lol All the best Jim see you sunday for another great sunday sarnie x

  46. Kenny Martin

    So adding to story Donsld and Andy
    The lass who accused Andy worked for Donald Trump on minium wage $6 a hour . Packed the job in and wet to work.for Einstein getting $300 a hour also recruited het mate who was 14 . Under age but she was 17 going on 21 knew what she was doing a hostess job.
    Trouble Andy should never went on Telle . Saying he was having a piza with his daughters When she says he was having hairy pie with her .

  47. Kenny Martin

    The next series of The Crown , they Royal Family will be bof colour and Meghan White.
    The Dolphin story is true. But happened in Amble just up the coast from Newcastle where the River Tyne is . They called called the Dolphin Harry .
    The sun had Maria Whitaker pge 3 girl with big tits, swimming with it, No wonder it got his corrie out .
    Any way it was seen on the Wear Sunderland . Apparently lot more wankers are there.
    You not seen the news tonight .
    Donald Trump has to pay a woman £4 million Dollars
    She has accused him of sexual assault /rape. In 1999. She said he grabbed her in s changing room and kissed her . She banged her head and it hurt badly .
    What got me about the balcony, at the Palace, they not let Harry Kings son. Andrew Kings Brother on balcony .Because Non Working Royals .
    But Camila sister and another lady , The two old Dukes Queen Elizabeth 11 cousins were allowed on .
    All who are non working Royals.
    The coronation photo should of Had Harry and Andrew on.His own family .Not the two old Dukes and wives.
    But is Harry his son ?

    1. Kenny Martin

      Spot on tonight jim.
      Should change this to Kenny Reviews they are most mine .
      I tell you why because you can leave a review on this site .But the new app you cant .
      I could not get on four Friday night lives shows. Jake sorted it out and helped me . Got the new app But cant leave a review .
      So is this my review channel .
      Some times i look and say Can I delete that.
      But Its bit crack with you .I agree with you most times but some times need tell you what I think .
      May be wrong maybe right 68 now miss the crack at work. So talk to you Sorry about that. Usually watch uestreme when wor
      lass goes to bed .
      So got no one to talk to but you .
      You know feeling now.
      Some times peace and quite .
      Cant sleep .if go to bed .Unless I have a glass of whiskey.
      But problem is its a large wine glass .
      You have to fill it.
      But you go to Doctors and say, I just have a glas of wine a night.

  48. Kenny Martin

    My wife does not watch Uestreme. I watch it when she goes to bed, sometimes in morning says, you were laughing your head off.
    I tell her all the stories.
    Tonight I was telling her all about Vicky being with Bobby, Did not know she had died
    and who her Mam and Dad were I dont know why I brought it up.
    Then tonight went on series, and Seen about Vicky , could not believe it.
    My heart goes out to Bobby doing the shows..
    It must of been very hard for him. But true profesional
    Tears coming down my eyes. Watching show must be hard for you also.
    Think if you had scrapped show tonight. All members would have understood
    She was a beautiful talented lady God bless her .

  49. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Great show as always and really pleased the show on sunday raised a good amount and im looking forward to watching it on Ustreme and sending you a few quid. Love and thoughts to Vicky and Bobby as well. All the best Jim x

  50. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim great show, Love the way Barney Rubble ranted and demanded Raab is sacked yet he hasnt sacked Abbott yet he was quick enough to kick Corbyn out the party Not a fan by the way 🙂 All the best for the show in Yarmouth hope you and Bobby have a great night x

    1. Hi Kenny,
      If you scroll down and click on any of the individual episodes they will all still play. Slight tech issue with that message popping up…we’re on to our American friends to get it removed

  51. Kenny Martin

    Well Im not voting Labour again. For a fact not voting again, all are arseholes.
    Father Patrick driving in the country and knocked over a pig .
    So he phoned the police. He said Father Patrick here, i just knocked over a pig and its dead.
    Copper said did you give it its last rights. Father Patrick says, it was to late its dead. So I m phoning his next of kin.

  52. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Another fab episode and great news about Lizzie Cundy joining the team on sunday she is great. all the best x

  53. Kenny Martin

    I always believe give some one a second chance.
    So I did with USA live .
    Then got to the point sucking men off .
    So switched it off again.
    Dont want to watch that shite.
    Want to watch English comedians .We have plenty .
    Especially Jimmy Jones , Chubby Brown .
    Americans cant tell stories like these legends.

  54. Geoff Holmes

    I was going to leave a comment, then realised I would only be repeating myself so I’m not, damn I just left a comment saying I was leaving a comment and now I’m just repeating myself,
    Ooops off me meds again.

  55. Kenny Martin

    My Wife Watching Coronation Street . So Started to watch This week USA.
    Just switched it off after 5 mins .So boreing
    What a load of rubbish

  56. Kenny Martin

    I worked in Norway and the Norwegians put us on the Bibby Balboa sister flotel (not costel) to the one the imigrants going on .Now these flotels been used on the shetlands for contractors to live on. They have been refitted and modernised.
    The one we were on, had not . There was asbestos . Your room had a bed and place to hang your clothes thats all.
    The shower and wash troff were communal . They never did washing or feed us. Had a flask for hot water and one of them water bottles for cold drinking water . When you finished work night shift had used hot water So we had no hot water to get washed after 11 hour shift
    The fjord was frozen .
    Half hour walk to a pub .
    So they are living in luxury to what we were .

  57. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim brilliant show as usual, I Went to Portland when i was little and visited the pirate graveyard there very spooky but interesting, You cant beat a lovely home made Cottage pie my mum makes a lovely one. Wishing you and Michelle all the best. See you on sunday for sunday sandwich loving the show x

  58. All the best Jim. Iv followed you for years and its nice to see someone who hasn’t changed like the rest of this dumb world. Keep up the great work and brilliant shows and stop at nothing. I love your chats where it would definitely piss most people off but us lot on here still have a sense of humour. Best wishes to you and Michelle. I hope you are able to sort it out and stay together. Do whats right. Your brilliant Xx

  59. Kenny Martin

    I was PAYE paid £100 week NI Stamp which paid into National Health
    If I put £100 into Bupa id be private health. Some NI Stamp paid into your state pension, but they put pension age up.Hoping you die so dont get State Pension .
    I had prostrate biopsy . The new one ,also had the old one up your bum but can get sepsis.
    The new one they ram a tube up you crutch, then a needle goes up the tube to suck 24 samples off your postrate . They still push a torch up your bum at least think it was a torch. Its like some one shooting a air rifle. The urologist gave me a bit off kitchen roll and said pull your crown jewels up so not in the way. I said can the nurse not do that. He said if you were on Bupa , private, she would but your not .Also give you something to Squeeze if it starts to hurt. Thats why they put legs in stirrups and strap you down .Urologist does not want to be kicked in the head

  60. Hi! 👋🏻 I’m new here and just working my way around Ustreme. I’m here for the laughs and interesting views and I don’t take myself too seriously. Best Wishes. Victoria.

  61. Kenny Martin

    Watched Jimmy Jones live.
    Brilliant show
    He is looking great
    Was worried about him on the Comedians not look to well

  62. Kenny Martin

    You never mentioned 300 show.
    Got bit confused whether watching this week or Pantomimes
    Never mind, look foreward to Jethro and Sunday sarnie.

  63. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim whoops dopey here just posted my review on the sunday night page no ive not been drinking 🙂 Congratulations on the 300th episode every one of them a corker 🙂 Looking forward to Sunday sandwich returning on sunday its a brilliant show all the best x

    1. Kenny Martin

      Went to Doctors
      Though i had covid.
      He was a Indian with Indian accent
      Get this prescription not on NHS
      Go home.lie in bed
      Take third of this bottle of whiskey..
      You wil start feel betta
      .tomora take anotha third
      By Fourth day you wil
      A rise and feel alive again

    1. Kenny Martin

      Watched Only Live But Just .
      Great Show.
      That story about in NHS.
      Were you not in he House of Parliament.

  64. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Great show tonight as usual Nice to be able to comment again this review page is fab 🙂 Im just waiting for Samsung to watch you on the box. Hope to see you later in the year in Tamworth again, All the best x

      1. Kenny Martin

        Why does Boris want to work with back stabbers for £84000 a year as MP
        He still gets chauffeur driven car for life and make Millions doing after meal speeches .
        Theresa May made £2 million last year .
        He even said that himself when Prime Minister he cant live on £160000 a year

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