Some of the country’s best and most loved veteran comics on the same stage, laughing like they used to and reviving the spirit of old ITV hit The Comedians, in front of live audiences.

1 thought on “Proper Comedians”

  1. Kenny Martin

    Jim I have loved you ( not that way ) since New faces Your comedy . Watched all your TV shows .VHS Streaming DVDs
    Your shows have different jokes,
    Your great at accents , singing .
    Plus all you have done for Lifeboats ( first one built and designed in South Shields) The work you have done for vetrans .
    But dont keep slagging leftie people off as they not all agree with leftie MPs . Tony Blair give you a OBE. Did you refuse it .
    Many famous people have refused honours.
    I hate him . Just as much as Thatcher .
    But you are a Legend
    Best stand up comedian at this moment .
    But dont worry lot these young ones are shite..
    Take it easy dont over do it .
    Enjoy Mitchie .

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