A nod to the days of good old fashioned entertainment shows, Jim sits down with celebrity guests and friends to put the world to rights with gags aplenty, original sketches and light-hearted chat

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Live”

  1. Keith Norman

    Message for Jim, Sorry mate but I’ve been left no option but to cancel my subscription. I’d been a avid fan from the onset but your change from JD Media to Ustreme has given me no option but to cancel any further payments as paying twice for the same content isn’t me.
    I had a long running saga with your people but none of them were interested enough to reset my account as the code given me in January didn’t work . Jake told me to stop account and start again and the credit should have followed but I became a monthly subscription while being fully paid up to November 23.
    I suppose this will fall on deaf ears and I’ll never see my credit of Jan to Nov subs.

    I wish you only well Thank you

  2. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim Congratulations on the 300th episode every one of them a corker 🙂 Looking forward to Sunday sandwich returning on sunday its a brilliant show all the best x

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