Jim Davidson joins Vicky Nash to take a look at the biggest news stories of the week and discuss the madness of the world. Expect banter and “bost ups” galore as the opinionated pair chew over the hottest topics of the day – and no doubt disagree on most of it!

7 thoughts on “Jim & Her”

  1. Geoff Holmes

    Jim’s pushing of Vicky’s buttons is hilarious, who knew she had that many buttons 🤣

  2. Kenny Martin

    Vicky .
    If you go to Sham El Sheik its modern Egypt.10 hour bus to Cairo .
    I went on TUI cruise . Went on trip to Cairo.
    There is armed guard in bus .
    Truck with army at front and back of a fleet of buses .
    Very safe nothing to worry about lovley people.

  3. Kenny Martin

    Why do have to swim in Royal Navy . If ship sinks you have a life jacket.
    I worked offshore on oil rigs for 28 years can not not swim .
    Did all the survival courses every 4 years .
    You have to get out of a dummy helicopter upside down .
    With life jacket on, only can do back stroke .

  4. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim and Vicky great episode as always 🙂 I do agree with you Jim im not a huge fan of fools and horses i much prefer Minder and do feel Fools and horses borrowed a bit from Minder and also Steptoe and Son it would have been interesting if they had gone ahead and cast Wilfrid Brambell as Grandad though 🙂 All the best as always Jim.

  5. Kenny Martin

    Men get prostate cancer .
    Hormone treatment like
    Menopause and transgender all in one .But we dont go of it .
    Just get pissed.

  6. Melanie Fell

    Hi Jim brilliant show loving it so relaxed and great fun looking forward to the next episode 🙂

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