“Everyone has right to protest…but has this Remembrance weekend demo been timed to cause trouble?”

Ustreme founder Jim Davidson asked if the decision to hold protests over Remembrance weekend was “picked to cause trouble and provocation” during an appearance on GB News.

Jim appeared on the channel with host Mark Dolan to discuss the ongoing horrors in Israel/Gaza.

He questioned why more demonstrators aren’t protesting against Hamas if they really want to help Palestinians, and called for demonstrators to respect the importance of this weekend as Britain honours its war dead.

He said: “The veterans are there for a long weekend. They like to unscrew a few corks and get together and celebrate the time when they were young and life was different to how it is now.

“Everyone has the right to protest but I can’t help thinking that the timing of this has been picked to cause trouble and provocation.

“And this is what gets me about the Palestinian people, who are great people, why aren’t they protesting against Hamas? When we talk about the Second World War, we were fighting the Nazis, not the Germans. It’s the same now. They say about the war in Israel, they are not fighting the Palestinians, they are fighting Hamas.

“Let’s hope that’s the case and the Palestinian people should rise up against Hamas who basically drew first blood and caused all this carnage.”

During the GB News interview, Jim pleaded with protesters to avoid going anywhere near the Cenotaph this weekend.

He said: “I hope the Palestinian people and the lefties and the Labour supporters who are all there with their banners have some respect for the old men and women of this country who fought for the right to give people the ability to protest and have free speech. It’s sad if there’s any trouble. 

“I think veterans will be very angry if this weekend’s memorial is disrupted. All of us will be very disappointed and it will be such a sad thing. 

“The idea of protest is to draw favour from people to support your cause.

“All of these old fellas who have spent the whole year getting ready for this weekend, they’re going to be so upset.”

He joked: “And don’t forget, they might be veterans but they’re still paratroopers and marines and infantry and SAS. They might be 60, but as they said in the Wild Geese, ‘I wouldn’t like to be up against them, Sir’.”

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