HUGE discounts for Ustreme memberships

Ustreme has launched its massive Black Friday Sale to allow you to laugh like you used to along with your favourite comedians at hugely discounted prices…and we’re keeping it running until December 23rd.

As part of the sale, all new subscribers will receive a week’s free trial to the Ustreme channel, while we’re offering 30% off monthly and annual memberships for that first month or year.

Ustreme has also launched a brand new VIP Lifetime Membership, which lasts 30 years and means you make a one-off payment of £199 and will never have to pay again. And if you sign up between now and December 23rd, there’s 30% off that price too!

Simply enter the code BF30 when you subscribe at to get the 30% discount off any of our membership packages.

The Black Friday Sale has been launched alongside Ustreme’s Christmas Merchandise Sale, which has seen prices slashed on our range of gifts and goodies, including DVDs, t-shirts, mugs and car stickers.

Ustreme founder Jim Davidson said: “Everyone seems to have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon, so we thought, “why not?”

“But it’s almost Christmas and we thought that would be a bit stingy, so we’re keeping our sale going right the way through until December 23rd. You can’t ask for better than that, can you?”

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