Our heroic lifeboat team save stricken sailor

Our heroic Caister Lifeboat team went into action to save a stricken sailor in horrific conditions more than 12 miles off the coast.

The crew, which is supported by Ustreme and has founder Jim Davidson as patron, carried out the rescue on Sunday evening when reports came through of a casualty on board a yacht suffering from extreme sea sickness and fatigue.

The lifeboat was launched at around 9pm and travelled 12 miles north through three-metre-high waves until the boat was found.

A spokesperson said: “Once at the yacht it was apparent that the sails were down and it was motoring on a small outboard.

“The fuel was running low and shortly after the lifeboat arrived on the scene the outboard stopped which left the vessel rolling badly in the waves.

“It was decided that a tow was required and that two lifeboat crewmen would be put on board the vessel who were transferred across in very challenging conditions.

“Whilst the tow was being set up the other crewman administered first aid to the sailor but once under tow, it was noticed that the yacht was taking water internally.

“After monitoring the situation for an hour, it was apparent the weather was getting worse and the water ingress was getting faster.

“At this point, the tow was dropped and the lifeboat once again came alongside to pass the emergency salvage pump across – the tow was then reconnected and water pumped out.

“Once safely in Great Yarmouth harbour, a second salvage pump was put onboard the yacht to keep up the with water ingress.”

Arriving at the mooring location, HM Coastguard Gorleston assisted the lifeboat in securing the yacht, with the Caister team standing down at 2.13am.

Ustreme’s founder Jim Davidson is a patron of the independent lifeboat charity, and has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the cause as it continues to raise funds for a new £1.6m vessel. 

Following the launch of its fundraising campaign last March, Caister Lifeboat announced the donor that raises the highest amount gets to name their new vessel.

It has become the mission of Caister Lifeboat’s former coxswain Dick Thurlow and his family to name the new vessel after his late wife, Annette.

Family members have travelled more than 14,000 miles across the UK, collecting donations from audience members of Jim’s live shows, while the comedian hosted a show at the Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth, donating the £20,000 profits to the charity.

Donate to the cause at https://ustreme.news/veterans-fund/ or by texting 66777.

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