Ustreme announces membership price FREEZE – after Amazon hikes subscription fees

Ustreme boss, comedian Jim Davidson OBE, has reassured members that subscription prices will remain as they are – after Amazon announced it will be hiking its charges.

Amazon is increasing the price of its Prime subscription by 12.5 per cent, from £7.99 per month to £8.99 for new customers, or on the date of the customer’s next service renewal. Annual subscription will go up from £79 to £95.

The company blamed “increased inflation and rising operating costs in the UK” for the price rise, which comes months after Netflix raised their subscription prices and announced they had lost around one million subscribers in the last quarter.

Jim has now moved to reassure Ustreme members that prices for his streaming channel will remain as they are – £4.79 (including VAT) for monthly subscription or £47.99 for an annual subscription.

He said: “Amazon has announced it will be increasing the price of subscription by that’s not going to happen here at Ustreme.

“We know you members out there are all feeling the pinch at the moment. We’ll carry on as we have been and keep making great shows.”

Recent research has suggested that more people are cancelling video streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, due to the rising cost of living.

A total of 1.66 million services were dropped in the second quarter of 2022, with the under-24s age group most likely to cancel.

But Jim revealed Ustreme continues to go from strength to strength with its loyal fanbase who want to “laugh like they used to.”

During an in-depth interview about the industry, he said that bigger streaming companies were having to plough billions of pounds into creating new content constantly to “feed the monster” and “please everyone”, while he also criticised Netflix making “woke” programmes to appease the PC brigade.

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