Deck The Balls: Bushell’s Blue Xmas streaming NOW on Ustreme

Legendary TV critic, columnist and presenter Garry Bushell is giving Ustreme fans a special treat this Christmas – his very own hilariously funny and unashamedly filthy stand-up and sketch show featuring some of the best comedians of the 90s.

Bushell’s Blue Xmas is streaming now exclusively on Ustreme, giving fans of old-school comedy the chance to step back to a time when people could still really laugh at funny things. Fancy that, eh!

The show was filmed in 1999 and features Garry himself, alongside a host of comics including Micky Pugh, Al ‘Jacko’ Benson and Sean Styles, as well as some glamorous sketch sidekicks such as Melinda Messenger and Dee Ivens.

It features as part of Ustreme’s packed festive schedule, which also includes a never-before-seen stand-up special from Jim Davidson; a brand new series of sketches featuring the late, great Jethro, as well as a couple of comedy masterclasses from the Cornish star; a Christmas Eve special of popular panel show Jim’s Sunday Sandwich; the critically-acclaimed and hilariously un-PC mucky panto Sinderella 2: Sinderella Comes Again on Christmas Day,  and the auditions of our hotly-anticipated Laughter Class course.

Garry said: “After the huge success of Bushell on the Box, which ran for 50 weeks on ITV and was number one on the night network, I decided to create Bushell’s Blue Xmas to feature more of the sketches I had written on the late-night show, and also give a platform for many of the great blue-collar stand-up comedians who had been excluded from television because of TV executives’ lunatic addiction to unfunny students. 

“These included the great Micky Pugh – one of his all-time favourite cockney comics – and the late Al ‘Jacko’ Benson. For the sketches, he was ably assisted by Melinda Messenger, Dee Ivens, Fleur Golding from Man O Man and more. 

“These brave women subjected themselves to scripts which even I would now find ever so slightly questionable, but hey-ho, what a laugh we had!”

Bushell’s Blue Xmas is streaming NOW exclusively on

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