“Don’t play the race card, Mizzy. You’re just a criminal scumbag” 

Jim Davidson has branded vile Tik Tok “prankster” Mizzy a “criminal scumbag” who should be behind bars – and criticised him for “using the race card” to excuse his actions.

Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, has been issued with a two-year criminal behaviour order after a series of “pranks” he recorded, including stealing a woman’s dog, ripping up library books, walking into a family’s home and approaching strangers, asking if they wanted to die.

The 18-year-old, who was also given a £365 fine, said he believed the backlash he has received is due to the fact that he is black – before bragging that “UK laws are weak, simple as” when discussing how he was able to get off so lightly with the bizarre stunts on Piers Morgan’s show.

In the latest episode of This Week, comedian and Ustreme founder Jim Davidson said: “Mizzy thinks he’s above the law. 

“He’s been terrorising people and he thinks it’s fun. 

“He stole an elderly woman’s dog. There’s nothing worse than having your dog stolen, that’s like kidnap. He approached people and asked if they wanted to die, ripped up library books and got into people’s homes and cars and gets a fine for £365. You wouldn’t pay that for dinner!

“And then he gets invited to talk to Piers Morgan, which he presumably got paid for…well, if it’s Piers Morgan then maybe not…and of course he played the race card.

“He said people are only angry because he’s black. We haven’t heard that one before, have we?

“Aren’t you just ashamed, Mizzy? All those great, hard-working black, African and Afro Caribbean people in this country who came here and helped to make it as great as it is, just for you, you little sh*t, to start playing your game.

“You have no right to play the race card. People aren’t picking on you because you’re black. They’ve arrested you because you broke the law. You’re a little, sh*tty, criminal scumbag. 

“What is a deterrent now? What are our woke police doing? Why didn’t they nick him properly? A £365 fine? What’s up with our judges? Get these people banged up.”

Since his conviction, Mizzy and his pal have called their detractors ‘Karens’ and vowed: “We’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing.”

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