Ustreme is on the telly!

Jim Davidson OBE is having the last laugh against woke television bosses as his comedy streaming channel, Ustreme, expands with the launch of new TV Apps.

From being ignored by mainstream TV, and essentially erased by the BBC despite previously being one of its biggest stars of Saturday night television, Ustreme is proving a huge hit with comedy fans.

Ustreme was launched during the Covid pandemic by Jim and co-director Robert Garofalo, when the star was unable to perform his stand-up shows. The channel has one goal: To make people laugh like they used to.

Having gone from strength to strength with an ever-increasing number of subscribers, significant investment has now been ploughed into the creation of a new App so members can watch on their smart TVs. People can already watch through Apple, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, with other Apps due to be given final approval for launch in the coming days.

Jim said: “I realised I was never going to get a look in on mainstream TV anymore, with their so-called “woke” agenda, so that’s why I launched my own streaming channel to allow people to laugh like they used to.

“I presented Big Break for 12 years and the Generation Game for seven years, but the BBC paid me £1m to go away a few years ago and when they did an anniversary tribute to the Generation Game, I don’t think I was even mentioned! I don’t really fit their narrative, but I’m the one having the last laugh now we’re on TV.

“We had no idea how people would respond when we launched Ustreme but we’ve gone from strength to strength. I think people are bored of turning on the TV and being preached to all the time. It’s like there always has to be a political point being made.

“Well, we don’t do that here! We don’t do cancel culture and we don’t ram politics down people’s throats. We just have a bloody good laugh.

“They say that if you go woke, you go broke, which is why we’ve seen people coming to us in their droves. They just want to be entertained and not constantly terrified of saying the “wrong” thing. 

“The mainstream may not want Jim Davidson, but the fans still, so I’m back on TV now – and I’m doing it my way this time!”

Ustreme produces a range of original shows and has secured the exclusive rights to a host of titles by comedy legends, including Freddie Starr, Jethro, Roy Chubby Brown – along with Jim’s entire back catalogue.

Original shows include the hilarious Left, Right & Centre – a Question Time-style panel show with laughs featuring comedians from across the political spectrum debating a range of issues. It received rave reviews from critics and audiences, and was recently named the Best Panel Show of 2022 by TV critic Garry Bushell in his Daily Star on Sunday column.

Other exclusive Ustreme productions include Face-to-Face – a series of in-depth interviews with celebrity guests including Frank Bruno MBE, Right Said Fred and SAS hero Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham MBE; Proper Comedians – a hilarious stand-up spectacular reviving the spirit of ITV hit The Comedians featuring comedy legends Jimmy JonesMick MillerBobby Davro, Duncan Norvelle and Jim himself alongside up-and-coming talent; Sunday Night Live and Jim’s Sunday Sandwich – “old school” light entertainment shows featuring Jim and guests putting the world to rights, and Pull Up A Sandbag – a series of emotional interviews with war veterans, for whom Ustreme raises thousands of pounds each year.

External backers have flocked to invest in the growing Ustreme channel, and further investment is now being sought through an Enterprise Investment Scheme so it can continue making new, quality content, including a new series of Face-to-Face, which will be returning this year with critically-acclaimed US comedian Scott Capurro as host. New series’ of Proper Comedians and Left, Right & Centre will also be created, as well as a fly-on-the wall “comedy school”, and round-the-table chats with comedy icons.

People can subscribe to the channel at and then download the free Ustreme App to watch on TV.

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