“Gambling adverts, fine…Jim Davidson, banned! The world’s gone mad”

Ustreme boss Jim Davidson appeared on GB News to discuss the streaming channel’s advertising ban on a leading British radio station, which has been introduced in case listeners get offended by the comedian.

GB News journalist and presenter Dan Wootton said he would no longer listen to Greatest Hits Radio after finding out they “patrol advertising based on political ideology”.

Speaking on the show, Jim said: “My station, Ustreme, is not just about me. It’s about Freddie Starr, it’s about Jethro, it’s about Chubby Brown. It’s about all the things that someone in an office somewhere doesn’t like.

“Greatest Hits Radio is owned by a German company called Bauer Media, and so they will not play our adverts, although our adverts have been completely passed and are all clean. 

“I’m only on it for about one word, saying ‘hello’!

“Do you know what’s happened though? There’s a backlash against all this woke nonsense and people are signing up in their droves to Ustreme. They are saying, ‘We will not be cancelled by these people. Who is there to stick up for us?’”

An email sent on behalf of the radio station read: “On Greatest Hits Radio, we always strive to create the best output possible, whether editorial or advertising. However, we know that it is not always possible to reflect differing views and tastes, with that in mind I am unable to provide you a commercial advertising proposal.”

It comes after Sky TV pulled Ustreme’s adverts without giving a reason for the ban.

Dan added: “Greatest Hits Radio isn’t even a station that is particularly aimed at a woke audience, this is a station that is aimed at an older audience and I think they’ll be very shocked to learn of this.”

Jim said that gambling companies were allowed to advertise on the radio station, adding: “We all know that there are some people who have an addictive personality or are addicted to gambling. There’s no-one addicted to me…except a few divorce lawyers!”

Dan said: “Gambling adverts absolutely fine…but Jim Davidson cancelled! It’s absolutely mad.”

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