Jimmy Jones booked for second night of Proper Comedians

Veteran comedian Jimmy Jones has been booked to do an extra night on Ustreme’s Proper Comedians.

Ustreme’s much-anticipated new show, which attempts to revive the spirit of old ITV hit The Comedians, will be filmed in front of live audiences at the Gaiety Bar, Southsea, on November 23rd and 24th.

Ustreme founder Jim Davidson, who will be producing the show and acting as compere for the live performances, said: “Jimmy is a fantastic comedian. I first saw him at the Montague Arms in Peckham when I was a young lad.

“He paints pictures with his jokes. He could read the telephone directory and have you spellbound.

“To me, he’s the king of comedy that was never crowned.

“He has been so helpful throughout my career. He is the one who inspired me the most.

“We’re delighted that he’ll be performing on both nights of our Proper Comedians. He’ll be supported by a plethora of comedians…along with a walking stick and an oxygen tent!”

Book tickets at https://book.events/?search=The%20Gaiety%20Southsea

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