Ustreme radio ad banned – to “protect” listeners who could be offended!

Ustreme has been banned from advertising on a popular radio station – in case listeners are offended by Jim Davidson.

The comedy streaming platform had contacted Bauer Media, which runs Greatest Hits Radio among other stations, to enquire about an advertising campaign.

But bosses have refused to play any advert associated with comedian Jim.

An email sent today on behalf of the station reads: “On Greatest Hits Radio, we always strive to create the best output possible, whether editorial or advertising. However, we know that it is not always possible to reflect differing views and tastes, with that in mind I am unable to provide you a commercial advertising proposal.”

Jim said: “I called up to find out what was going on and was told they don’t have to give me a reason for the station refusing to show our advert.

“According to form, some listeners might be triggered at the thought of just hearing my voice because I’m “controversial”! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

“What is the world coming to when people have to be “protected” from hearing an advert because they might not like me or my comedy? What about everybody else who does? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to hear it? The country has gone mad.

“It does make you wonder who makes these decisions. Is it because of our political views? Well, I don’t think it can be that because I’m a comedian. I just take the p*ss and try to make people laugh. 

“It is a real shame because I just want as many people to know about our TV station as possible.”

It comes after Sky TV pulled Ustreme’s adverts without giving a reason for the ban.

The advert, which was passed by the highest industry standard regulator, was being shown on a range of Sky channels, including Sky Sports News, Sky Comedy and Sky Sports Football before it was pulled. It is still being shown on GB News.

Ustreme features stand-up specials from a host of household names, including Jim, JethroFreddie StarrBobby Davro and Roy Chubby Brown, as well as original productions featuring up-and-coming comedians from across the political spectrum. The channel also raises thousands of pounds for veterans’ charities.

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