What have we done to deserve a Sky advertising ban?

Comedy fans are flocking to show their support for Jim Davidson’s Ustreme – after he revealed Sky TV has pulled the streaming channel’s adverts without giving a reason for the ban.

Ustreme launched a television advertising campaign to promote its range of classic comedy and new original shows after the channel became available on TV screens through a new App.

The advert, which was passed by the highest industry standard regulator, is shown daily on GB News and was being shown on a range of Sky channels, including Sky Sports News, Sky Comedy and Sky Sports Football.

But Sky has now pulled the ad, and has refused to give a reason why.

Jim announced the “disappointing” news on his YouTube channel, as he revealed Ustreme had passed the milestone of 3,000 new subscribers since the new Apps were launched in February, which allow people to watch on their Smart TVs.

Jim said: “We’re growing and growing and growing, which has been helped a lot by the advert we have running on TV.

“The bad news is that Sky TV has now taken our advert off for no reason and is refusing to show it.

“When we asked them why, they just said that they don’t have to tell us. Does that remind you of something? It all seems a little bit like Coutts.

“It is a real shame because I just wanted as many people to see our TV station as possible.”

Ustreme is a comedy streaming channel, which promises to make you “laugh like you used to”. It features stand-up specials from a host of household names, including Jim, Jethro, Freddie Starr, Bobby Davro and Roy Chubby Brown, as well as original productions featuring up-and-coming comedians from across the political spectrum. The channel also raises thousands of pounds for veterans’ charities.

When the Ustreme advert was pulled, Sky pointed to a clause in its Terms & Conditions that reads: “Sky reserves the right at its absolute discretion and without incurring any liability to decline to transmit any Advertisement without giving any reason in writing for so declining…”

Jim added: ” It does make you wonder why they have done this. Is it because of our political views? Well, I don’t think it can be that because I’m a comedian, I don’t really have political views like Nigel Farage does. I just take the p*ss and try to make people laugh. 

“I can only assume Sky TV executives have thought, ‘What’s that on our platform? Take it off!’…Do you know why? Because we’re too funny for them!

“They are probably thinking they don’t want to advertise another channel that’s going to make them watch us rather than them! Or maybe they just don’t like me?

“I do wonder what it is but it does reek of the Farage scenario. It is a real shame because I do really like Sky.”

Hundreds of fans have come out in support of Jim and Ustreme following the Sky advertising ban, encouraging the channel to “keep doing what it’s doing” and making people laugh.

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